Scaled Agile Framework Team Working Agreement

In today`s fast-paced business world, it is essential for teams to work together effectively to achieve their goals. One way to facilitate this is by using a Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) to manage team workflow. SAFe is a collaborative and agile approach to software development that enables teams to work together more efficiently. One key component of SAFe is the team working agreement.

A team working agreement is a set of guidelines that team members agree to follow to achieve their goals. The purpose of a team working agreement is to clarify expectations and ensure that everyone is on the same page. When working within a SAFe framework, a team working agreement is even more critical. Here are some key components to include in a scaled agile framework team working agreement:

1. Define roles and responsibilities: Clearly define each team member`s role within the team and the organization. Identify responsibilities and expectations for each role, such as who is responsible for completing specific tasks and who is accountable for final decisions.

2. Communication guidelines: Establish communication protocols for the team, including how often and in what format team members should communicate. This is especially crucial for distributed teams or those working remotely.

3. Define the workflow: Define the workflow that the team will follow, including the process for identifying and addressing issues, reviewing work, and making decisions.

4. Identify key performance indicators: Determine key metrics for evaluating the team`s performance and success, such as product quality, customer satisfaction, and project completion time.

5. Define the decision-making process: Establish the decision-making process and determine who makes decisions, how they are made, and who is responsible for executing decisions.

6. Define processes for conflict resolution: Establish a process for resolving conflicts between team members and for escalating conflicts to higher management when necessary.

7. Define the team`s values and goals: Define the values and goals of the team, and ensure that all team members understand and align with them.

8. Establish a culture of accountability and continuous improvement: Encourage a culture of accountability and continuous improvement, where team members are responsible for their work and are continually seeking ways to improve processes and outcomes.

Creating a team working agreement is a critical step in achieving success within a SAFe framework. By establishing clear expectations and guidelines, teams can work together more efficiently, effectively, and collaboratively. Remember, a team working agreement is a living document that should be reviewed and updated regularly to ensure that it continues to meet the team`s needs and goals.

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